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  • T. McMullen Hey by the way we won our first car show. Just a small one but they just love the car and all the items.
  • T McMullen Tina, You and your company have done an outstanding job. The project was not very big but you went out of your way to make me happy. I will be very pleased to recommend you to those who ask about the product and will help make it successful. If you would mail me a few business cards I will keep them in my car and when people ask I would be more then happy to hand them out. As soon as I get Bruce to finish up the window knobs we will start back on the console. I will make sure when we are done you get a pic for your scrap book.

    Thank you
  • Scott M Monday, July 23, 2007

    Robert, Thanks for the GREAT product! My car handles much better. Greatest modification to date!

    Scott M.
  • S M An email from a Vendor "Help, need money fast! Going on vacation!"

    Robert, Just a quick note to thank you. Thank you for going above and beyond for the effort you put in to my problem. I commend you and Tina for the extra effort. I am proud of being a client and business partner of your Company. Excellent job done very well! My kids also thank you and Tina. A Friend for life!

    Thanks from the deepest of my heart,
    S. M.
  • R Guido 600Extreme, ProGrip ProTwin Clutch

    Well I went for a couple of drives, everything seems excellent, the clutch is really good, no chattering at all, very easy to drive. The trans shifts very nice for being brand new, I am already loving the ,64 overdrive… Day two was excellent, I have almost 200miles on it already.....can't wait to try it at the track!!
  • Michelle & Johnny H Dear Gray Fredrick,

    I can't begin to thank you enough for the fantastic and speedy service that you extended out to me and my husband when purchasing the transmission for our 69 Mustang. It was by far that smoothest transaction I have ever made and your knowledge and expertise made our decision that much easier.

    Thanks again so much.
    Michelle & Johnny H.
  • Kevin C Kevin C Robert,

    I am still enjoying my new exhaust system. It has improved the performance, engine temperature, exhaust sound and looks of my car.

    Kevin C., Versailles, KY
  • Jeff Gentlemen:
    I truly appreciate the reception, conversations, getting me to the hotel, and all the great, hard work in installing the Driven Man 5-speed.

    Guys, the trip to Asheville was great.--'Like driving a new sports car! Once I entered Highway 40, I remained in 5th until exiting on Asheville's Highway 240 Loop. Of course the RPMs were down compared to the automatic's top gear and the temperature guage rested above "C" but well below "N", so the engine was running cooler. The car felt more maneuverable. I really enjoyed the 115-mile drive.
    Most respectfully,
    Your loyal customer.
  • J Garfield Mr. Hall,
    The 5-speed is magnificent!!! The XJ-S behaves as if it had been waiting for it.--Quicker off the mark, cooler running engine, lower rpms, handles like a much smaller and lighter roadster. You've installed the speed-shift spring for 3rd and 4th gears.--I like it. The last time I wrote to you, I told you of the 24.1 mpg I experienced driving from Gary's shop to my home in Asheville.--It has gotten better with my highest recorded mpg being 28.2 (The overall average for that 260-mile trip from Asheville to Fort Bragg was 27.8 mpg.) The trip from Fort Bragg to Asheville is along gentle uphill roads with the steepest hill being Old Fort Mountain.--On good (i.e., ideal) days with the GM Turbo 3-speed Automatic, my mpg would be in the 18.5 to 19.3 range using 13.0 gallons. On my 16 February trip to Asheville with the TKO500, I used 9.9 gallons. I habitually travel at the established speed limits.

    Most sincerely,
  • Ian C Ian C Hi Tina

    First of all let me thank all at "The Driven Man" for the first class customer service. Everyone has been courteous, prompt and helpful beyond expectations. I look forward to future business with you and recommend you to all.

    I have now driven a few miles on the new wheels, some "enthusiastically" using the performance (but within the speed limits officer.....!!). The ride has been firmed up slightly by the lower profile tyres (225/50 Goodyears) but as I run a rear anti-roll bar/aftermarket springs, my car is a little stiffer than normal and I like it with a little more "communication" from the front wheels. The big bonus is the significant improvement in steering/braking and fast cornering...excellent.

    Overall, I am extremely pleased with the wheels, they look good, fit without dramas and have improved the driving experience as well, top marks.


    Ian C
  • Gary H Thursday, April 20, 2006


    It took some real searching for a few months to find a shop confident in their abilities of installing your sway bar upgrade on my XJ-S. I'm glad I persisted!

    A fellow Jag enthusiast and I took her out for a drive recently. She had driven the car before the sway bars were installed and loved it. When she took the wheel after the kit was installed, her reaction was the same as mine: neither of us could stop grinning.

    My Cat tracks straight and true while still maintaining that famous Jaguar ride. The very noticeable difference, however, is in the corners! No reasonable person could expect a 20 year old 4000 pound car to handle like that .... but, now, mine does.

    Gary, 1986 XJ-S
  • Fawaz A Tuesday, April 11, 2006 12:02 PM

    Hi Tina,

    Thanks great, I look forward to receiving the part soon. Thanks so much for you courteous, quick response and the help with finding a cheap shipping solution. Robert was very helpful with informing me about the product. The attention I received for such a low ticket item makes this one of the most pleasant experiences I have had dealing with any company. I look forward to dealing with you in the future.

    Fawaz A.
  • D C Dillman November 20, 2007

    Dear Gray,
    First let me thank you for caring about the product you're selling me and explaining which transmission would be best suited for my application.

    I will say at first, spending this kind of money on a transmission is a huge expenditure for me. But because of your knowledge and customer service this is why I went for what seems to be the perfect fit for the Challenger. I'm awaiting my parts and transmission. It will be a few months before I can recover monetarily and have the kit installed into the car but believe me I can hardly wait. I will keep you updated on the progress of the car, as soon as it is installed for a final progress report.

    What made me purchase the kit from you is the customer service that you gave me and without that I would have probably gone somewhere else. You were also able to shave quite a bit of the price which also was a determining factor. If all goes well, I will tell everyone I know to call The Driven Man for the kit.

    May you and your Family have a happy and safe Holiday season.
    A true muscle car & MOPAR Enthusiast
    D. C. Dillman
  • D Benoit Robert,

    I just installed the system last Friday and was able to enjoy it for the weekend. Now the Jag is going to sleep for the winter! I'm very satisfied with the quality of the exhaust and the beautiful workmanship. And, at last, I can hear my engine! I will recommend your product to everyone!

    Thank you!
  • C Scott Tina Thank you for all your help to get my stuff to Scotland. I must say that you have gone beyond the call of duty to achieve a result and I thank you for that. I hope that 'The Driven Man', whatever he is, appreciates what a good person he has working for him. As a result of your efforts, I will have no hesitation in recommending the company to people over here. My car looks great now and once more thank you for all your efforts. Best regard
  • C Chippie Gray, the install went great and I could not be happier with the TREMEC that I installed. The car hit the road for the first time on Fathers Day and it was great. The engine RPM @ 70 MPH was 1800; what an improvement.

    Thank You Very Much

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